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Shoes– for mood, body, and health.

At least for me, if I have a hot pair of heels on I can feel sexy and happy, but it always depends on whether or not those heels are comfy… and the truth is that it is so unhealthy for us anyway!

Most of us would much rather wear a pair of slippers (sandals) anyway. However, for happy healthy feet, it is important to know what kind of shoe that is just right for you. People have different curves to their feet, and some people are flat footed. If you spend most of your life wearing shoes that are bad for you chances are that you will suffer greatly for this mistake. It is bad for you health and comfort. Read on to learn more!

Shoes can be critical to how quickly you arrive someplace, how comfortable you are when you are there, and the most important factor… BLISTERS! Simple as this, don’t wear any kind of shoe that gives them to you. Overall, its not worth it! And its bad for your health. Shoes can mess up your back, give you aches and pains in your knees, cause you to twist your ankle, and so much more! I mean, I’m no professional, but its true. Here’s someone who will agree with me:

“According to the American Podiatric Medical Association two major long-term studies confirm the beneficial effects of regular walking on a person’s overall health and well-being. The first study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, followed 707 nonsmoking retired men, 61 to 81 years of age, who were in the Honolulu Heart Program. The study revealed that regular exercise walking lowered the risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease and – in general – prolonged life. Increasing the walking distance from just one to two miles produced even greater results. The second study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracked nearly 16,000 healthy men and women in a national registry of twins for an average of 19 years. Taking brisk half-hour walks just six times a month appeared to cut the risk of death by 44 percent among twins observed, and even occasional exercisers were 30 percent less likely to die than their sedentary twins.” (Healthy Feet)

They then go on to give you a Health tip about shoes!! “Choose proper footgear. Buying shoes is the only real expenditure necessary for walking, so don’t cut corners on your shoe budget; treat your feet well! If you experience swelling in your feet, try on athletic shoes in the afternoon – when your feet are most swollen – to ensure an accurate fit. Look for a shoe that is stable from side to side; well-cushioned; enables you to walk smoothly and comfortably; and gives you enough room to wiggle your toes, yet be snug in the heel. Also, look for shoes that carry the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Approval.”

Believe me yet?

Good foot posture sets the balance for the rest of your body. If your feet are not lined up, then the alignment in your back might be set off too. This then alters your comfort, and can make you moody. says: “Painful feet can affect our ability to enjoy the most basic activities in our daily lives. Thankfully, many foot conditions can be easily prevented or treated by wearing properly fitting footwear or using the right over-the-counter foot care products.” How true is that! And according to them, here is what you can set yourself up for if you don’t take care of your feet:

 Achilles Tendonitis
 Arch Pain / Arch Strain
 Athlete’s Foot
 Bunions (Bunionettes)
 Claw Toes
 The Diabetic Foot
 Hammer Toes
 Heel Fissures (Cracked Heels)
 Heel Pain
 Heel Spurs
 Ingrown Toenails
 Mallet Toes
 Mortons Neuroma
 Mortons Toe
 Overlapping Toes
 Over Pronation (Flat Feet)
 Plantar Fasciitis
 Post-Tib Tendonitis
 Pregnancy & Feet
 Shin Splints
 Toenail Fungus

So, not to scare you, but I’m serious! Take care of your feet, and you’ll be much happier, and much healthier!




  1. Your thoughts on “Shoes– for mood, body, and health” – certainly makes one want to sit down and read it 🙂

    I think shoes for mood, body and health can also be formed from a VISUAL stand point. If the shoes are comfy, and when you look at them they make you Smile, Cheer You Up, Brighten your Mood with Cheery Colors – then there’s more to a shoe for one’s “Soul” than just the feel.

    Check Out:

    Imagine Wearing these Shoes and I think from a VISUAL perspective your mood, body and health will benefit.

    Here’s to a Good Soul.

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