My Name is Lady Elizabeth

Lady Elizabeth

I love martial arts! I used to do Kendo, and a little bit of Karate for fun on my spare time. I have always enjoyed working out and lifting weights, but have done too little of it for the last two years. I had picked up yoga for a short time then dropped it and am starting up again… however, it hasn’t been long enough to say I actually “DO” yoga… even though I’m loving every moment of it. I love to eat and am learning how to do so in order for healthier, happier, and stronger results for my mind, mood, and body!

I am a huge fan of the internet, and I have no idea if it will be a phase I’ll grow out of, or a thing I’ll do til I’m 90… Well, I do have my ideas and it will probably be til I’m 80 but who really cares?

For now, if you want to know more about me, or the “Mind, Mood, Body, & Health” aspects of things, then read my posts. Those will teach you a lot of my beliefs, philosophies, and suggestions to living a healthier, happier life.

I’m no doctor. But I was once a girl who loved life probably more deeply than any of you could ever imagine and I feel this can add a little something to my credibility as I’ve likely been through some of the same up’s and downs as you, and because I’m willing to admit that, I have become a stronger person. And though I’m not perfect, there are things that I can do for myself that might help me think, feel, and act better as a person, as a whole. Maybe my observations, and suggestions can help you grow as a person :). Or at least I hope so! If this reaches even a hand full of people, then I consider this blog a success… and if not, then I’d still consider it a worthwhile project, as I’ve made my attempts and will continue to do so :). I will not give up on you, or on myself.

Personal? Perhaps. But sometimes, thats the only kind of thing that people can relate to, and the only way that you can reach out to others. I feel thats why we were given the opportunity to possess communication in the first place. Now lets get started!

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